Architectural and Planing

We are able to work on projects of any size, right from the very beginning, with your vision and our expertise anything can be created, whether it's a summer house, an extension or an entirely new build we can be involved every step of the way from the drawing of the blueprints to the laying of the bricks.
Planning processes this deep usually take a lot of time and hard work which is why we pride ourselves on the relationship you can build up with our designers, knowing that each time you are in contact you will be dealing with somebody that knows your project inside and out and will be able to help you with any queries you may have.

Interior Design

Firstly we develop a clear understanding of your needs and how we can work together.  We visit your property to gather more detailed/accurate information, as well as taking the opportunity to see the environment to fully understand what is important and how you need the design to work for you.
We take full laser measurements noting important areas such as electrical outlets, registers, bulkheads, hearths, mantles, door openings. We also take high resolution images of all relevant areas to study during the design process. All data collected enables us to create high definition 2D & 3D visualisations as well as CAD technical drawings of your living space, into which we introduce the proposed LSP products with full dimensions and finishes discussed. 

Project Management and Construction

We are able to manage your projects for you no matter where they start, no matter the project, whether you have plans already and are in need building work to be done, if you need to start from scratch with just an idea or you need internal design work done, we can manage every part of your project for you every step of the way.

We are able to provide construction professionals to take care of the construction of your project, it doesn’t matter if you already have plans made, we make your plans with you, you’re just building an extension or you’re starting an entirely new build we can take care of your construction needs. 


We provide a bespoke furnishings solution for each client.  After understanding the size, dimensions and look and feel of the space we need to furnish, we discuss with you the use for the space.  We will then provide you with a inventory list, and some style sheets to give you a understanding of the colour schemes, look and feel we are proposing.   We can provide a furnishings solution that works with your needs and budget.

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